Kiosk Prepaid gives the consumer the opportunity to pay virtually any bill whether utility, insurance, doctor bill or other. Just scan the bill enter the amount and the bill is paid. Same day or 2-3 day based on consumer needs

Buy/sell gift cards

Kiosk Prepaid allows the customer to sell 50 different brand name gift cards for cash instantly. Kiosk Prepaid also sells 200 digital gift cards that get sent to customer’s cell phone for immediate use or re-gifting


Kiosk Prepaid allows customers to load their pay as you go phone, purchase pin/pinless products, and load airtime internationally in 150+ countries internationally


Customers may purchase an instant issue prepaid debit card that can be loaded and used online or for instant use at any retailer.

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Kiosk Prepaid – Payments Made Easy

A Full Service Kiosk for the Masses

Kiosk Prepaid was created to provide financial freedom to the 100 million+ persons considered unbanked or underbanked in the United States. These persons rely heavily on cash and have a need to conduct their financial business in a quick convenient way. Kiosk Prepaid fulfills that need. Blazingly Fast, Blazingly Easy.

Services consumers need and want

From being able to pay any bill to loading a phone domestically or internationally to selling or buying a gift card or loading a debit card, Kiosk Prepaid has the solution with an extraordinary user interface making the kiosk easy to use every time. Blazing Fast, Blazingly Easy.

Full reporting and Compliance

Kiosk Prepaid not only has an amazing customer experience, it offers full support to its distributors and locations offering real time reporting from sales to commissions to cash on hand. Back end systems also manage cash and customers to support compliance as required. Blazingly Fast, Blazingly Easy.