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About Kiosk Prepaid

Kiosk Prepaid was designed with the consumer in mind, focusing on the unbanked and under-banked and their financial services needs, providing financial freedom and access to the masses in locations they frequent daily such as grocery stores, convenience stores, liquor stores, and other high-traffic areas.


Meet Our Team

Our primary focus

Kiosk Prepaid focuses on those consumers who do not have traditional bank accounts or credit, allowing them to pay for all their services in cash with the capability of paying with pin debit or even bitcoin. Even banked consumers cannot go to their bank to purchase a gift card or buy an airtime card. Even banked customers make use of our services, which include international calling, gift cards, and other services used by the masses.

World Class Customer Support

When you receive a kiosk, you receive a complete management team, operations team, success team, and development/support team. Additionally, we support the consumer 24/7 via our bi-lingual call center to meet all their customer service related needs.

Our Platinum Payments Kiosk

We service the estimated 25% of U.S. households who depend on brick and mortar locations such as C-Stores, Grocery Stores, Pawn Shops and other locations to conduct their financial services. We provide a single service point (Kiosk) whereas consumers can make use of multiple services in a place familiar to them, near their residence or work place and at their convenience.

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