You have questions, Kiosk Prepaid has answers. Kiosk Prepaid offers amazing products and services to a wide range of consumers. How does it all work? Here is some Q and A…

Q. What are the specs on the kiosk?

A. Our current version is 5’ 9” 350 LBS and 32×32. It fits great next to an ATM or on its own and bolts to the floor with easy access.

Q. How does the kiosk communicate?

A. We use a Cellular connection. If the location has poor reception, we can use hard wire. Simply plug in the kiosk, turn it on, and it will connect.

Q. Where are kiosk generally placed ?

A. Kiosks are place in high traffic areas such as convenience stores, grocery stores, liquor stores and Malls but may be placed anywhere with customer access .

Q. Will there be more services?

A. Kiosk Prepaid is always adding services. We will have 3-4 more services coming in 2018 and we never charge to distributor or owner for new services. They are simply downloaded to the kiosk and ready to use.

Q. What can I earn?

A. Profitability varies based on location, foot traffic and marketing. However, Kiosks can earn thousands per month of which a portion goes to the distributor and or location owner.

Q. Who covers the repairs?

A. Kiosk Prepaid contracts with a national provider to service and install kiosks and kiosks can be serviced within 4 hours of call. Depending on the cause, the Distributor or store owner may cover the costs. Kiosk Prepaid handles all platform issues relating to software at no charge.

Q. Who handles the consumer?

A. Kiosk Prepaid has a call center and directly deals with all consumer concerns. The location does not and should not handle customer concerns which allows it to focus on its business, employee free.

Q. Who handles the cash?

A. The location and or Distributor is responsible for the cash with exception of check cashing which may be subject to different rules. Kiosk Prepaid ACH’s from the location or Distributor the following day for previous days services less commission.

Q. What sets Kiosk Prepaid apart from others?

A. Kiosk Prepaid has over 100 years combined experience in the space. We know the customer and the customer needs. We provide certain services that others do not with endless revenue streams, support and service all rolled into 1 package.