Distributors Resellers

Kiosk Prepaid was created to provide financial freedom to the 100 million+ persons considered unbanked or underbanked in the United States. These persons rely heavily on cash and have a need to conduct their financial business in a quick convenient way. Kiosk Prepaid fulfills that need.

There can be no better opportunity than a Distributor wishing to promote products and services to its contacts that not only generate revenues but offer an un-paralleled opportunity to add value to any location.

  • Distributors can earn commissions on every transaction 24 hours a day 7 days per week.
  • Distributors are not required to install, service or even maintain the kiosks.
  • Full Support provided by Kiosk Prepaid.
  • Marketing co-op opportunities available.
  • Not interested in becoming a Distributor or don’t have the infrastructure? Kiosk Prepaid is always seeking ISO’s (independent sales organizations) to refer potential locations.
  • ISO’s earn commissions just for referring Kiosk Prepaid to a location. Once we sign them up, you’ll earn on each transaction!

Interested? Simply go to the contact page and check reach out or simply call us today!