Direct Owners

Kiosk Prepaid services multiple industries including ATM, C-Stores, Grocery Stores, Pawn Shops and Alike.

Kiosk Prepaid sells direct to locations and offers complete support from marketing to platform to service.

Kiosks are becoming mainstream and their presence is felt and welcomed in both the U.S. and around the world. Their multiple uses include:

  • Ticketing (airports, sporting venues)
  • Food ordering/payment
  • DMV Registration
  • DVD/Game rentals
  • Cosmetics & Electronics

Kiosk Prepaid is proud to offer a multi-channel payments kiosk to your customer! Everywhere you go, you see a kiosk! Airports, movie theaters, malls. Why not your location?

  • The Kiosk Prepaid offering not only generates revenues, it saves your business money in multiple ways –
  • Reduce staff payroll by focusing on your core product offerings and let the kiosk handle all the prepaid functions (IE: phone cards, bill pay, gift cards)
  • Increase store spending
  • Introduce new and exciting products to your location through the kiosk that customer will actually use.
  • Maintain cash control.
  • Almost no human intervention required.
  • Market your products and services onto the kiosk directly.

You will earn money on every single transaction performed! Not only that, customers love the products and the kiosk is extremely easy to use. The customers can also sell products through the kiosk which will put cash in their hand to spend in your location! Space an issue? The kiosk takes up the same amount as space as your average ATM and plugs right into the wall. Additionally, by turning on the ATM functionality, you can do away with your ATM if you so desire. What do you need to do? Nothing but empty the cash periodically and add receipt paper! It’s that easy. Kiosk Prepaid provides a service agreement, installation and unique marketing opportunities. Kiosks can earn significant revenue! Don’t delay, go to the contact page and we’ll reach out within 1 business day or feel free to call us today.!